Team Make Your Own Luck

avoncallingWhy “Make Your Own Luck” team name you ask? Simple… I don’t believe in luck as you just wake up one morning and you’ve won the lottery. I believe that the harder you work, the luckier you get. I believe in manifestation of good things. I believe that we can all make our own luck by being at the right place at the right time and surrounding ourselves with other “lucky” people.

Join My Successful Avon Team

I’m an active team coach with private facebook training, in person training, phone coaching and group meetings both in person and virtual. Since starting Avon in 2016 I’ve earned over $15,000 in bonuses (even more in commission!), two free trips (Bermuda and Bahamas!), countless prizes, the Spirit of Avon award, Presidents Club Status each year and am a Bronze leader with the company. I can help you achieve the same or more with a little hard work and hustle! Find me on facebook here: 

My team is over 300 representatives nationwide who almost all wanted the same thing- to earn extra money with out killing themselves working 40 more hours a week. A few of the team just wanted to save 40% on their Avon orders and the ability to order Avon for themselves when ever they needed it! Sign up for Avon now or contact me.

Benefits of joining my team- “Make Your Own Luck”

  • Your Avon bio and page linked on this blog if you want it!
  • Exclusive access to my “Online Party” Facebook group with shoppers ready to buy- you can go live in the group with your Avon items or just post and see who shops!
  • Coaching if you want it!
  • Find your WHY and map out your GOALS. I LOVE to help people discover their why and goal plan. Let’s talk and figure out what really motivates you!
  • Respect- I value your decision to Avon, some people just join for a personal discount and order occasionally for themselves- I respect that and would never pressure you to sell more or build a team!
  • Private team Facebook group with tips, tricks and motivation
  • Facebook Live training
  • Exclusive Welcome Package sent to you from me
  • My team is pretty awesome… you’ll find new friends who share some of your same passions. 😉
  • Private contests not sponsored by Avon. I LOVE hosting little contests (like who can post the funniest meme or who can sell the most RED lipstick this week) and sending out prizes to my team!

Sell Avon- learn more here.